Loom.ai Adds Voice-Driven 3D Avatars to Collaboration Tools

To support the millions of people now living online in video calls for work, school and socialization, Loom.ai has released LoomieLive, a virtual communication app that uses 3D avatars and voice and works as a companion to video conferencing services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

LoomieLive uses voice to produce life-like avatar expression, allowing video callers to maintain focus and visual presence without being in view of the camera.

With LoomieLive's 3D avatars, any video caller's on-screen persona responds in real time from their voice, automatically triggering body gestures, including laughter, by analyzing the voice. In addition, users can manually trigger reactions, such as thumbs up, wave, and celebrations, to provide additional emotions. LoomieLive also offers a variety of 3D virtual backgrounds, such as office and school settings.

LoomieLive is easy to set up and use. After installing, users simply select the "LoomieLive Camera" in their desktop video conferencing applications and put on headphones. To create personalized avatars, they can use the Loomie mobile app to build a 3D character from a standard selfie; users can personalize and accessorize their avatars.

"Working from home has produced a lot of challenges for employees having to show part of their home lives to colleagues by being on video calls," said Mahesh Ramasubramanian, co-founder and CEO of Loom.ai, in a statement. "LoomieLive's voice-driven 3D avatars and backgrounds are the perfect balance between presence and privacy, helping video callers with the challenges of a continual digital presence while bringing a bit of relief to video call fatigue."

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