Loquendo Adds Languages to TTS, version 7

Loquendo ported Loquendo TTS 7 to six major languages. Loquendo TTS 7 rewrote the core algorithms and restructured the core speech engine, and this new technology has now been made available in six languages.

Approximately, 11 Loquendo voices benefit from new features: concatenation smoothing, the insertion of pauses and vocal intonations to correspond with the text, and the Morphological Analyser, which works at word-unit level to resolve pronunciation irregularities and ambiguities.

The sampling frequency of each voice can also be selected, according to your available memory, from 8Khz, 16Khz and now also 32Khz, while for the audio output it's now possible to choose any sampling frequency.

In addition, a range of audio controls, such as reverb and stereo, can be applied to a voice application. These effects can be applied both to background music and to spoken text.

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