Loquendo Embedded ASR Now Available for Symbian OS

Loquendo announced that Loquendo Embedded ASR is now available for developers of multimedia applications on the Symbian operating system for mobile.

Symbian OS is an open operating system designed for mobile devices. The addition of the Symbian OS to Loquendo's portfolio of supported platforms consolidates the company’s position in the embedded speech technologies market.

Loquendo Embedded ASR is capable of handling large vocabularies of up to tens of thousands of words, for applications such as voice destination entry and voice dialing—yet optimized to maintain a small footprint, with enhanced recognition accuracy and fast response time even on mobile devices.

With voice-enabled phones, navigation applications and MP3 players now increasingly popular, Loquendo says its Embedded ASR is the best-fit solution for the emerging range of speech-based applications and services.

Loquendo Embedded TTS is already compatible with Symbian OS, so that now all Loquendo speech technologies are available to designers of mobile applications on Symbian.

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