Loquendo Enhances its Series 7 VoiceXML Platform, Providing Support to Third Party IVR Integration

Loquendo's new version of the Loquendo VoiceXML platform allows the integration of any third party IVR. This means that clients can retain their existing IVR and at the same time use Loquendo's VoxNauta VoiceXML platform.

Loquendo VoxNauta 7.0, already certified by the VoiceXML Forum as VoiceXML 2.0 compliant, offers new features: it supports the new VoiceXML 2.1, which comprises several additional functionalities, and is bundled with the latest versions of Loquendo ASR and Loquendo TTS technologies (integrated via MRCP v2).

It is also able to allocate speech resources, comes with a new management console, and supports relevant IETF and W3C speech standards.

The protocol interface available on Loquendo VoxNauta series 7 (known as DAP - Dynamic Access Protocol) is backwards-compatible to the Loquendo VoxNauta series 6 protocol interface, allowing our customers an upgrade to this new version of the Loquendo VoiceXML platform.

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