Loquendo Powers New Speech Enabled Translation App

Global speech technology provider Loquendo and GanganJH, an innovative application developer, have paired up to create a new translation application for the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. 

With iPronunciation, users can insert a word or phrase and the application translates it rapidly into the chosen language, reading out the translation with Loquendos Text to Speech. iPronunciation leverages Google translate and Bing translator, allowing users to select whichever they prefer.

The app is a language learning tool, as well as an aid to communication between people who dont speak the same language. It is also able to detect the source language automatically, while the TTS speaking rate can be adjusted to suit the user.

iPronunciation offers spoken translations read out by Loquendo TTS, which is also available offline once downloaded, in 17 languages and 47 voices: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Catalan, Galician, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).

"iPronunciation is an iPhone app which is fun and simple to use, but which also serves as an excellent aid when learning a language or communicating with people of different nationalities, demonstrating that speech technologies are an essential element in an ever more multilingual world," says Claudio Genova, Loquendo's sales manager for embedded technologies. 

"We chose Loquendo TTS because it is easy to integrate, is available in so many languages, and because of the speed, quality, and accuracy of its speech synthesis," says Yuan Tian of GanganJH.

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