Loquendo Releases Dillo!

Loquendo announced the launch of its first ready-to-go application for the iPhone 3G: Dillo!—a voice activated dialer, incorporating the companies embedded automatic speech recognition (ASR).

“Dillo!” is the Italian word for “Say it!”

Developed to fill a commonly perceived gap in iPhone functionality and to highlight the potential of Loquendo speech technologies in mobile applications, Dillo! was published on the iTunes App Store on April 16th.  Since then, it has constantly been in the top five paid apps.

The Voice Dialer uses Loquendo’s state of the art speech recognition technology: you say the name of the person or the number you want to call and Dillo! makes the call for you, providing a natural and highly effective interface.

Dillo! was developed in collaboration with TILAB, Telecom Italia’s Center for Innovation. Currently available in Italian, it is being extended to other languages.

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