Loquendo Releases Loquendo ASR with Partial Results Recognition and Grammar Caching

TURIN, Italy - Loquendo released version 7.2 of Loquendo ASR.

During the speech recognition process, Loquendo ASR gives partial results as they are available, rather than once the caller has finished speaking. The process of recognition has been further accelerated by grammar caching: grammars, once compiled, can be stored in cache ready for subsequent use.

Loquendo ASR 7.2 recognizes phrases of unlimited length. Loquendo ASR is next-generation speech recognition technology, with a capacity to create automated voice solutions. Loquendo ASR is now available in Argentinean, American Spanish, Brazilian, Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Chilean, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Swedish, U.K., and U.S. English.


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