Loquendo, SpeechVillage, and Voxpilot Launch Silver Bullet Solution

Loquendo, SpeechVillage and Voxpilot launch the Silver Bullet solution. Silver Bullet is the outcome of a collaboration between three providers of technologies: the VoiceXML IVR Server from Voxpilot, the Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech technology from Loquendo, and Speechdraw, a development tool from Speech Village.

Silver Bullet leverages open standards such as VoiceXML and MRCP. Silver Bullet is available in configurations of 12 and 24 ports in a single box and is expandable to thousands of ports. Silver Bullet supports both ISDN and Voice Over IP (SIP) telecom interconnects. The integrated AudioCodes gateway provides E1/T1 connectivity to the PSTN.

Text-to-speech delivers prompts for any application. Speech recognition technology is speaker-independent and recognizes vocabulary continuous speech.

SpeechDraw, a graphical, rule-based service creation environment, allows development from DTMF to mixed initiative dialogues.

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