Lucas Systems Introduces Jennifer FoodSelect for Voice-Directed Order Selection in Food Distribution

Lucas Systems, a provider of voice-directed warehouse applications, today introduced Jennifer FoodSelect, a voice-directed solution designed especially for foodservice and grocery distribution centers. Ace Endico, a regional foodservice distributor in New York State, is the first customer to install this new Jennifer voice solution, with double-digit improvements in selector productivity and accuracy.

"Jennifer FoodSelect incorporates industry-leading voice technology and best practices that Lucas Systems has developed over 10 years of delivering voice-directed warehouse applications for foodservice and grocery DCs," says Chris Sweeney, senior vice president of Lucas Systems. "Jennifer FoodSelect maximizes the operational gains possible with voice, adds powerful QC/audit tools, and includes the most advanced management tools available today, the Engage Management Services Console. Unlike a one-size-fits-all package, Jennifer FoodSelect includes comprehensive configuration capabilities to provide easier, faster implementation without sacrificing flexibility in the future. This new Jennifer solution is designed for foodservice and grocery DCs that need a full-featured voice solution that can extend their existing inventory management, WMS, and other warehouse systems."

Jennifer FoodSelect is tailored to the unique needs of foodservice and grocery DCs. The system supports GS1 data standards for product traceability, and also provides flexible voice- or scan-based data capture for lot numbers, catchweights, or date codes using any industry-standard voice-capable mobile computer. This new Jennifer solution inherits key components of the  Jennifer VoicePlus solution that have been pre-configured for food DCs: 

  • Voice-directed order selection, including two-stage PIR picking and single and dual-pallet case picking. For foodservice DCs, Jennifer FoodSelect includes on-demand case label printing which eliminates selector idle time, reduces paper handling, and adds points to individual productivity rates.
  • Voice-directed truck loading improves overall productivity and reduces dock clutter and congestion. Jennifer FoodSelect generates accurate load maps to improve service and efficiency for truck drivers and customers.
  • The integrated QC/audit module allows managers to better prioritize audits and focus scarce QC resources on the orders that need to be checked, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of audits.
  • Engage MSC includes route planning and management, robust productivity and process tracking, and system configuration tools in a flexible, user-friendly Web environment.

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