LumenVox Releases Speech Engine 10.2

LumenVox yesterday released version 10.2 of the LumenVox Speech Engine. The release features a new dashboard application and Manager Service as well as improved centralized logging, revised memory management, faster Answering Machine and Fax Machine detection capabilities and improved acoustic models.

The new LumenVox Manager Service talks directly to the new LumenVox Dashboard. Now developers can monitor, start, and stop all LumenVox services from one centralized application. The Dashboard displays centralized application logs and statistics and manages LumenVox licensing.

Additionally, LumenVox Speech Engine version 10.2 features the following:

  • improved centralized logging;
  • new statistics tracking added to speech recognition and text-to-speech servers;
  • revised memory management at 40 percent of previous use when under load;
  • an SSML pre-parser;
  • faster and improved answering machine detection;
  • new fax tone detection;
  • improved acoustic models for U.S. and U.K. English and Mexican Spanish; and
  • a phonetic speller tool with history and cut/paste options.
"As part of our ongoing commitment to customers, version 10.2 of the LumenVox Speech Engine delivers across-the-board improvements in usability and performance. Our new LumenVox Dashboard application provides a unique, visual management tool, providing users powerful control over their speech services," said Ed Miller, CEO of LumenVox.

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