MERA Releases New Version of Session Controller

TORONTO - MERA Systems, Inc. announced the 2.1.9 release of its MVTS Session Controller. The release provides enhanced routing and call admission control, and adds FreeBSD to the list of the supported operating systems.

Below are a few customer-requested features introduced in MVTS 2.1.9:

  • Enhanced routing to protect against unauthorized use of traffic minutes and optimize interworking with partners - The new MERA Session Controller release allows carriers to define a maximum amount of incoming/outgoing minutes and the expiry date of service for each partner gateway. After the time or traffic limits have been exceeded, the traffic exchange with the gateway is stopped automatically. The new feature is instrumental in managing inter-carrier relations and can be used to grant free trial minutes to new customers or protect your business against abuse of minutes by partners.
  • OS FreeBSD support - Along with the existing OS Linux, MVTS now runs on FreeBSD. This adds to the system flexibility, as many carriers use OS FreeBSD as a corporate standard and have long awaited this feature to be introduced in MERA's Session Controller.
  • Improved call admission control (CAC) for better network security - Call admission control (CAC) is aimed at managing call admission rates in the network, enabling carriers to maintain suitable QoS levels. CAC is also used to protect networks against security threats such as DoS attacks or unauthorized access. A call that cannot be put through is normally rejected, causing inconvenience to users. Now the calls that cannot be processed by the system are returned with a special disconnect code message that allows them to be rerouted via partner networks.

Altogether, MERA's engineers have implemented about 30 enhancements in the new release of the session controller, all of them suggested by MVTS users. 

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