Marchex Launches Call DNA Premium

Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, today launched Call DNA Premium, an enhanced version of speech analytics technology, to identify conversations that end in sales, reference specific products or reveal missed sales opportunities.

Call DNA Premium enables companies to fully analyze the customer experience on phone calls. Its visual DNA Strand, combined with highlighting key portions of conversations, provides marketers a complete solution for optimizing media that results in phone calls.

In addition to media optimization, marketers can use Call DNA Premium to improve customer experience and sales conversion rates. Built-in search technology helps marketers identify calls that are missed sales opportunities from common customer experience challenges, such as frustrated customers and long hold times.

Marchex retains all recordings and transcripts in its secure data center and can redact credit card numbers from recorded phone calls before generating transcripts of conversations.

Call DNA uses voice stream pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms and is trained on millions of consumer-to-business phone calls.

"As the leading call analytics platform, our audio team is able to train Call DNA on literally hundreds of millions of conversations between businesses and consumers," said Jason Flaks, director of product engineering at Marchex, in a statement."Our ability to automatically identify new insights for businesses will improve as our dataset grows, and we are continually releasing enhancements to the product."

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