Maritz Research Selects VoxGen

Global market research agency Maritz Research uses VoiceSurvey from VoxGen to conduct telephone research in the UK.

With global revenues of over $220 million, Maritz Research customers include the Volkswagen Group, Toyota, Pizza Hut, and Nestlé. Looking for a way to offer telephone questionnaires in a current automotive project that would support frequent changes to the script, Maritz Research adopted a solution from VoxGen.

For the end user it is a way to respond to a telephone survey; and for Maritz Research, it means they can get feedback and refine the questions to focus on different issues as they go along.

A hosted service, VoiceSurvey lets non-specialists build surveys involving optional questions and open ended responses - all via a Web site. This allowed Maritz Research to trial the system within days of its decision and to be up and running in less than a month. Survey respondents just call an 800 number and respond to recorded prompts - with the survey results being available via the Web.

VoxGen provided training in the lead up to launch of the service, including voice interface design - for example, choosing the right phrases for system prompts and user responses, system administration, and recording and directing a voice actor.

"We are very happy with VoxGen's responsiveness and flexibility and the fact that their systems are 'genuine' speech recognition systems (as opposed to button operated systems) which allow us as much control as we want over reporting and changes," says Charles Kirk, automotive research director, at Maritz Research..

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