Martian Watches Adds New Features and Functions to its Voice Command Line

Martian Watches, a California-based developer of fashionable wireless technologies, including a voice-command smartwatch, today announced several new features to give its Voice Command line of Martian Passport, Victory, and G2G series watches even more functionality.

The Martian Voice Command line delivers notifications to your wrist and uses the mobile phone's familiar, integrated voice-command functions. Wearers can make and receive calls, send and receive email and text messages, control music, check weather or a sports score, get directions, search the Web, create reminders or appointments, keep up on Facebook and Twitter, and much more.

New features and functions include the following:

  • "Tap Glass" feature that uses the Martian accelerometer to repeat a notification for up to one minute after it came in.
  • The Martian App now supports notifications from any IMAP or POP email account, giving more notification options to more email account users.
  • The Martian App and Watch menus support English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Text and email messages will appear on the watch in their original languages.
  • "Find Phone" upgrade: Martian was launched with a "Find Phone" feature that helped locate a misplaced phone if it is within  range. Since that time, Martian improved this by overriding the phone's mute feature, in case the misplaced phone has the volume set to "off."
  • "Find Watch" feature: Martian also added the opposite feature of "Find Phone" - just tap a button in the Martian Watch Alerts App on your phone, and your Martian will play a tone to help you locate your watch.
  • "Local Time" has been added to the Martian Watch Alerts App.
  • Voice feedback from a variety of apps, including MapMy Run (providing voice "call-outs" at intervals for distance of run, average pace, and speed), Navigation Via Google and iPhone Maps, and Music(on iOS devices and Android devices with S-Voice).

"We listen very carefully to our consumers to make sure we are delivering products that address needs and wants in the marketplace," said Stan Kinsey, president of Martian Watches, in a statement. "We are very happy with the overwhelming consumer response and positive feedback received for our line of unique voice command smartwatches to date and look forward to continuing to incorporate cool features that our customers want."

Martian Watches range from $249 to $299.

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