MedMaster iPad App Now Powered by Nuance Speech Recognition

MedMaster Mobile's MedMaster Mobility iPad App is now powered by Nuance Healthcare medical speech recognition, enabling its more than 15,000 clinician users to document and navigate on-the-go via voice.
Whether in an exam room, hospital room, or family room, MedMaster Mobility, an electronic health record (EHR) agnostic mobile interface, allows clinicians to access eight core workflow applications on the go: My Schedule, My Patients, My Workups, Prescriptions, Billing, SOAP, My Contacts, and My Resources. Now, by leveraging Nuance Healthcare medical speech recognition from the cloud, clinicians can interact with and control the MedMaster Mobility app through speech-driven clinical documentation and voice navigation commands.
"MedMaster Mobility empowers clinicians to access and manage a wide range of clinical and operational data while being mobile," said Edward Matthews, chairman of the MedMaster Mobile Healthcare Advisory Council. "The Nuance Healthcare Development Platform (NHDP) offers unique, cloud-based healthcare innovation that enables us to extend the value of MedMaster Mobility. By speech-enabling the app, clinicians can speak naturally to document and navigate, increasing their productivity and enhancing overall user satisfaction."
The Nuance Healthcare Development Platform supports multiple devices and operating systems. By providing all CPU-intensive speech and language processing in the cloud, this platform enables speech and language understanding technologies to be embedded as part of browser-based applications, mobile applications, and thin-client desktop solutions.  
"Dictation has proven to be among the most preferred, intuitive and effective ways to document clinical information," said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Healthcare. "The Nuance Healthcare Development Platform is enabling application developers to unleash an entire new ecosystem of speech-enabled healthcare applications. MedMaster Mobility, through the delivery of speech recognition and command technologies, will help clinicians create and use high-quality clinical documentation better and smarter than ever before."
MedMaster Mobility is a customizable, mobile interface that was designed by doctors and hospital administrators. Through the delivery of universal connectivity and powered by a patent-pending Communication Services Software application, MedMaster Mobility empowers clinicians to connect via iPad to any legacy EHR system.

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