Metaphor Releases a Toolset that Allows Mainstream .NET Developers to Build Speech IVR Applications

WELLESLEY, Mass. - Metaphor Solutions released version 3.0 of its speech IVR application development toolset, Metaphor Conversation Manager (MCM). MCM is a speech application development toolset designed for .NET developers who can now use C# and Visual Studio for building high quality speech IVR applications at the level of the call flow and business process instead of at the lower level of the speech interface.  The toolset hides the low-level complexities of building speech applications like grammar creation, grammar binding, exception handling, call event handling, and SALT or Voice XML syntax.

Using the MCM capability of "write-once, play anywhere," developers can write the speech applications once in C# and they will play on any voice gateway, such as the Microsoft Speech Server or any VoiceXML platform. In addition, MCM allows developers to use over 50 pre-built, pre-tested and reusable speech applications and modules, and thousands of pre-built grammars and pre-recorded prompts. All MCM projects can be exported to standard Visual Studio.NET projects to debug, extend, customize, and deploy.

MCM focuses on a standard IT development platform as its foundation and then adds front-end speech interfaces with libraries.

MCM comes with post-deployment application management tools.  The Application Monitor allows an IT administrator to observe the system performance and modify logging levels under real time load conditions. 

Standard reports generate call analytics from these logs in defined call epochs. The Application Editor allows a non-engineer, like a Call Center Administrator or Business Analyst to modify applications in based on business requirements.  These changes may include prompts and business variables in the application.

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