MicroAutomation Deploys Two IVRs for Washington Utility

MicroAutomation has launched two new speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) systems for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).

The first is a customer care application and the second an inspection scheduling application. These applications will provide ease of use for the customer and more efficient method for customers to pay bills and schedule inspections without the aid of a call center agent. Additionally, these applications will free call center agents to address more complex customer inquiries.

The Customer Care IVR, available in both English and Spanish, allows WSSC customers to pay by phone, set up a payment plan, enter their own water meter readings, and get automated general information from WSSC. This IVR is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has increased customer satisfaction and eliminated extended wait times to reach a representative.  The Inspection Scheduling IVR allows designated personnel the ability to schedule and cancel a range of inspection types that would require WSSC inspectors to visit a job site.

Both IVR applications can provide up-to-the-minute announcement messages to callers. including informational reminders and urgent notifications. Future expansion of the IVR solution will include the addition of an outbound notification system that will harness the power of the automated IVR system to provide direct outreach to thousands of WSSC customers.

“We are incredibly excited for this opportunity with WSSC,” stated Suresh Gursahaney, CEO of MicroAutomation. “This solution will greatly reduce agent time for the over 2,000 bill payment related calls that WSSC receives each day. Customer satisfaction will improve and provide WSSC a strong return on investment.”

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