Microster Voice-Enables Workforce Management

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- Microster Pty Limited has selected Envox Worldwide’s Envox CT ADE interactive voice response (IVR) development tool to add a full suite of voice self-service options to its workforce management software.

Envox CT ADE enabled Microster to launch this new product suite in just three months.

The Envox CT ADE that Microster chose includes an IVR/outbound alerts module that communicates variable work schedules to employees and ensures their availability for specific shifts. The module enables employees to access their upcoming work schedules 24 hours a day via telephone. Employees can also report their availability for the following week and the database is automatically updated with these new details. When additional staff is required for a job, the system conducts outbound calls to individuals in the labor pool asking if they can work specific shifts. The outbound calls continue until the quota for the job is reached.  

Envox CT ADE provided Microster with programming APIs and pre-built libraries for tightly integrating voice capabilities into its workforce management software. Microster developers used Envox CT ADE’s programming capabilities to quickly build the IVR solution’s application logic and took advantage of its native APIs for controlling telephony resources to answer calls and interpret the information employees entered with the telephone keypad. The solution was deployed with Dialogic telephony boards on dual-rack servers running Microsoft Windows.

DP World, which handles approximately 50 percent of all container shipments into and out of Australia, was one of the first companies to benefit from Microster’s new offering. The company implemented the IVR solution to manage staffing at its Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fremantle locations, and to communicate work requirements to more than 2,000 employees. DP World employees quickly embraced the convenience of using the IVR solution, which now handles between 1,000 and 2,000 calls per day. Replacing its manual contact methods with an automated IVR solution generated significant time and cost savings for DP World, which realized its targeted ROI in just nine months.

"Our Envox-based IVR solution is an important and efficient means by which labor allocation at ports can be communicated to the workforce,” said Geoff Barnes, Business Application Analyst of DP World.

This solution has also been implemented by Golden City Support Services in Bendigo, Australia.

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