Mitchell Grocery Deploys Voxware's VoiceLogistics

LAWRENCE, N.J. - Mitchell Grocery, a wholesale grocery distribution center that serves more than 250 independent supermarkets in the Southeast, has selected Voxware's VoiceLogistics to voice-enable its logistics operations. Mitchell Grocery ships 80 truckloads each day, and delivers 500,000 cases per week of dry groceries, milk, produce and ice cream.

"We chose Voxware's VoiceLogistics based on the proven results of Voxware customers in the food distribution industry," stated David Mitchell, president, Mitchell Grocery. "Voxware's customers were extremely satisfied, and had experienced significant improvements in accuracy and overall productivity. Since we've deployed VoiceLogistics, we've seen a 50% improvement in the accuracy of our loading and order selection processes. We have reduced shorts and mispicks and introduced more precision into the loading operation, which has lowered costs and improved customer satisfaction. As a result, the VoiceLogistics system will pay for itself in less than six months."

"What it came down to was Voxware's flexibility and consultative approach, which ensured that their system fit our processes," explained Mitchell. "We did not have to change what we were doing to accommodate VoiceLogistics."

"Voxware deployed the VoiceLogistics system in six weeks," said John Morton, outbound manager, Mitchell Grocery. "VoiceLogistics keeps all workers on task and focused. By confirming location and item, the system dramatically reduces inaccuracies, and the use of voice for perishable items in the refrigerator/freezer environment provides tremendous benefits. Picking accuracy reduced unsaleables, which is a considerable cost savings. The system is very flexible and very sensitive to the nuances of each user's voice, and with Voxware's training we were up and running in a few days."

Voxware's VoiceLogistics system is also used for loading at Mitchell Grocery. The loading application tracks and confirms that all pallets are loaded to the proper trailer. Beyond picking and loading, VoiceLogistics enables pickers to pull from other locations and voice that information into the system. VoiceLogistics also allows Mitchell Grocery to perform consolidated picking for slow moving items stored in a separate building. The VoiceLogistics system also produces a printed manifest which identifies specific items in each shipment.

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