Motive and Genesys Align to Bring Service Automation to the Phone

AUSTIN, TX and SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Motive Communications Inc., the provider of service infrastructure software, and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., a subsidiary of Alcatel (NYSE: ALA, Paris: CGEP.PA), announced that Motive has joined the Genesys Interacts Program as a Strategic Member. The companies' alliance will enable communication service providers to automate phone interactions with broadband customers seeking voice self-service and support automation for installation and service inquiries. Working together, Motive and Genesys will offer a joint solution that will enable providers to bring advanced support automation capabilities to the voice channel. With the joint solution, subscribers will be able to call their provider, explain their problem into the phone using natural voice commands and then be guided through a service process that uses PC and connection diagnostics to help them resolve their problem automatically through self-service. If further assistance is necessary, the technology will route users to the appropriate customer service representative, who is automatically presented with all relevant subscriber configuration and diagnostic information so the problem can be resolved. The joint Genesys/Motive solution leverages Genesys Voice Portal and Motive SmartCall. Genesys Voice Portal is an VoiceXML software platform that extends Web-based applications to the phone. Motive SmartCall, a patent-pending customer care application, is a software solution that enables communication service providers to deliver automated troubleshooting and resolution via the phone to optimize manual, time intensive support interactions. SmartCall integrates with existing call center infrastructures, leveraging speech recognition technologies and VoiceXML standards to drive self-service guided resolution of end-user problems. SmartCall, announced earlier this year, is a part of the Motive xi SmartService Suite, which enables communication providers to deliver automated service to their subscribers throughout the entire customer lifecycle - from PC prequalification and activation to troubleshooting problems, managing accounts and provisioning additional services. "Integrating with a best-of-breed voice platform like Genesys Voice Portal will highlight the functional capabilities and extensibility of Motive's SmartCall product," said Kenny Van Zant, Motive's executive vice president for communications. "The Motive and Genesys solution will enable providers to address a pervasive and costly service dilemma - the complex and time consuming process of troubleshooting a customer problem over the phone." "With a compelling application like SmartCall running in conjunction with Genesys Voice Portal, service providers can transform the phone from a simple communication channel into a powerful problem resolution tool for their customers," said Paul Segre, chief technology officer at Genesys. "Our joint solution will allow service providers to automate calls for more effective customer service and more efficient contact center operations."
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