NSC Launches NSC SpeechBlade Server

NSC (Natural Speech Communication) released the NSC SpeechBlade Server.

The product is a speech processing server with multiple engines operating on the NSC SpeechBlade platform - a family of PCI blades comprising a platform that enables the speech processing operation to be done on the blade.

The NSC SpeechBlade family includes various PCI blades in different sizes and capacities, which enables implementation of the new product. This approach by NSC offers a product that includes the platform and the speech technology combined - allowing a "CPU free" product.

The NSC SpeechBlade Server supports multiple speech processing engines:

  • The NSC Spotter - A word spotting engine used for speech analytics and call surveillance in the security market as well as for mining business information and monitoring agent performance in the call center market. The product supports real-time and off-line processing of calls.
  • The NSC Speecher - A speech recognition engine designed for telephony speech driven services, targeting the call center, telco and enterprise markets. The engine is used for services such as call-center automation, information services, value added services, call routing, etc.

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