NeoSpeech Launches Cantonese TTS Voices

NeoSpeech, a text-to-speech provider, has expanded its line of languages with the release of two Cantonese Chinese text-to-speech voices. Kaho (male) and Kayan (female) join NeoSpeech's lineup of voices that now includes more than 30 voices in eight languages.

Kaho and Kayan can process any length of text and synthesize it. Both come with a comprehensive customizable dictionary that enables users to customize their speech and the ability to add industry-specific jargon or slang.

As with all other NeoSpeech voices, Kaho and Kayan were made using the Unit Selection Synthesis (USS) technique.

"We are proud of the effort we put into our new Cantonese Chinese voices," said NeoSpeech CEO Devin Lee in a statement. "We can't wait to see the impact Kaho and Kayan will make in our consumers' products. We are certain that end-users are going to enjoy the high quality of these voices."

Cantonese Chinese is spoken by about 80 million people worldwide in southern China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Cantonese is also one of the most-spoken Chinese varieties in North America, particularly the United States.

The Cantonese Chinese TTS engine is available for the Windows 32-bit platform and will be available for Windows 64-bit, Linux, iOS, Android, and other operating systems in the coming weeks.

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