NetByTel Launches Voice-Enabled Survey Solution, Version 3.0

BOCA RATON, FL - NetByTel, a provider in voice-enabled phone self-service announced a suite of in-bound survey solutions that listen and understand the caller's voice, are developed and deployed real-time, and provide valuable information. Examples of solutions include: * Customer Satisfaction Surveys * Applicant Screening Surveys * Employee Satisfaction Surveys * Quality Assurance Surveys * Polling Surveys "NetByTel's survey solution lets companies encourage and make the most of customer contact," said Bill Meisel, president of TMA Associates, a speech industry market consulting firm and publisher of Speech Recognition Update newsletter. "Voice dialog is one of the few means of interacting with customers that will support collecting a significant amount of information. A phone survey can increase the customer bond with the company by making them feel their voice is being heard and their opinions respected. Past experience has shown that an automated interaction makes the customer more comfortable in expressing their true feelings." "Our hosted voice-enabled Survey Solution was designed to allow our clients to quickly, easily and affordably obtain the information they need to run their business," said NetByTel President/CEO, Leon Garza. "It's a big leap over traditional surveys that can cost upwards to $10 to $20 per survey, take weeks to develop and weeks to obtain the information. By the time the survey data is completed, the data may no longer be relevant."
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