New Agnitio KIVOX Mobile 5.0 Offers Natural Speech Authentication

Voice biometrics provider Agnitio has launched KIVOX Mobile 5.0. The solution features a single Voice iD Engine that can perform fixed phrase, free phrase, and now natural speech authentication to identify and authenticate users in embedded devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The new KIVOX 5.0 version enables both text-independent voice authentication and fixed-phrase authentication. Speaking naturally, users can now authenticate using short natural speech commands in any language. KIVOX Mobile 5.0 can be embedded locally on devices for added security and privacy or used in traditional server mode.

"KIVOX Mobile 5.0 leads the market in voice authentication for embedded devices. Controlling a variety of smart devices and directing the Internet of Things, speakers may speak freely and be automatically recognized and profiled to unlock devices, control functions, and perform transactions," said Emilio Martinez, CEO of Agnitio, in a statement. "Text-independent voice biometrics authentication is nonintrusive and natural for everyone, and strikes the balance between consumer privacy, security and convenience."

Adding natural speech voice authentication in any language, KIVOX Mobile 5.0 enhances the context awareness of IoT devices with speaker iD information. With AGNITiO's Voice iD, IoT and embedded devices gain personalized context that can be used to customize the user experience accordingly. For example, KIVOX Mobile 5.0 can engage a voice-activated virtual assistant to provide customized responses according to the preferences of each enrolled voice, recognizing users who are simply speaking in short, natural language phrases or utterances, even in noisy environments.

The KIVOX Mobile 5.0 engine is small and fits in available chipset platforms, . The technology's power consumption and memory requirements are limited, so users will not notice a significant decrease in device power.

"While voice biometric technology addresses identification, authentication and fraud prevention, KIVOX Mobile Voice iD technology will witness even wider consumer acceptance in the upcoming years with its convenience, ease of use and ability to personalize IoT experiences," said Alan Goode, managing director of Goode Intelligence, in a statement. "By 2019, smart mobile identity will be a reality and next generation wearable devices will emerge as universal authenticators. Voice biometrics, in particular, is positioned well to create seamless, continuous, authentication where a device will intuitively know who we are, where we are, what we want to do, and can open doors—physical and virtual."

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