Nuance Extends Dragon TV with Nuance Mix

Nuance Communications is extending its Dragon TV solution with its Nuance Mix natural language understanding developer platform, enabling cable operators and TV manufacturers to create customized conversational experiences for their TVs, remotes, set-top boxes, smart home companion apps, and content services.

"Voice is already proving to be an incredibly valuable element of the connected TV user interface. We've powered billions of voice transactions in smart TVs, with nearly 75 percent of consumers using the voice interface when available," said Kenn Harper, vice president of Nuance Devices and Ecosystem, in a statement. "Voice will have a similar impact on the smart home, as conversational interactions are key to user adoption among the Internet of Things. Cable operators and TV manufacturers have a signification opportunity to extend their TV experience to other devices in the home. With the average user spending more time in front of their TV than any other digital fixture in the home, the voice interface from the TV is primed to serve as a central hub for the household."

Nuance's Dragon TV platform already powers millions of smart TVs globally, enabling manufacturers and service providers to customize and integrate voice-enabled command and control and content search. By offering the Dragon TV functionality from within the Nuance Mix platform, TV providers get immediate access to all the existing Dragon TV functionality and can now use the Nuance Mix development tools to build fully custom natural language interactions to control other apps and devices in the home, such as the thermostat, lighting, home security systems, music speakers, and more.

With Dragon TV's voice biometrics, the smart home experience becomes personalized in an environment where many connected devices are shared. Dragon TV's voice biometrics also lets parents control program access for younger viewers.

Coupled with Nuance's voice recognition and text-to-speech, developers can use Mix to create custom voice and natural language models within minutes. Users can automate workflows and roll anonymized speech data back into their models to continuously improve accuracy.

Nuance Mix is an open platform offering cross-operating system and cross-platform support through open Internet protocols like WebSockets. Nuance Mix offers software development kits for iOS and Android, as well as for sample applications in popular languages like Python, C, Javascript, and more.

Dragon TV powered by Nuance Mix will be made available this summer, supporting U.S. and U.K. English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Nuance Mix also provides access to Nuance's Speech Kit SDK with support for more than 40 languages for voice recognition and more than 80 distinct voices for text-to-speech.

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