Nuance Gatekeeper Adds Special Protections for Seniors

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Nuance Communications has enhanced its Gatekeeper biometrics solution for authenticating customers and preventing fraud. Prioritizing and protecting seniors using the sound of their voice, the new intelligent detection capabilities let companies identify callers over the age of 65, prioritize their calls, and get them to a live agent for service.

Nuance Gatekeeper can identify users from the way they talk, tap, and text and determine whether they are children or adults. This added layer of detection lets companies differentiate between adults younger or older than 65 to enable seniors to access their accounts without the frustration of PINS and passwords, while ensuring others cannot socially engineer their way into those seniors' accounts to steal information.

Senior citizens are at increased risk of falling victim to fraud as criminals take advantage of the current circumstances to obtain personal information. According to an analysis by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, people hit hardest by fraud—for an average loss of $45,300mdash;were ages 70 to 79.

"Our advanced intelligent detection algorithms can detect unique characteristics that are common in a broad age group to enable more effective and efficient customer protection and service," said Brett Beranek, general manager of Nuance's security business, in a statement. "We've enhanced this capability and are rolling it out to our entire customer base immediately to help them leverage the power of AI to support their most vulnerable consumers during the pandemic and well into the future."

Already some of the world's largest financial, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, and government organizations are deploying Nuance's biometrics technology to allow individuals to use their voices, behavior, and other characteristics for authentication.

Telefónica, a global telecommunications firm serving 344 million customers across 14 countries, was one of the first to roll out the new capabilities.

"The current pandemic has made everyone over the age of 65 both more susceptible to fraud and in need of immediate service," said Emilio Gayo, president of Telefónica España, in a statement. "Partnering with Nuance Gatekeeper in developing together proper and agile solutions, we can best serve this group by prioritizing their calls and getting their issues resolved even quicker than we already do. The system is critical to protecting our most at-risk customers while enabling an easier service experience on the phone channel, which this demographic most commonly uses to engage."

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