Nuance Introduces PowerScribe One Radiology Reporting Platform

At the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Nov. 25-30 in Chicago, Nuance Communications Inc. introduced PowerScribe One, the next generation of the company’s radiology reporting platform. Harnessing Nuance’s advanced natural language understanding capabilities and cloud technology, the PowerScribe One platform integrates access to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered diagnostic and decision-support tools to improve workflow efficiency and accuracy.

Purpose-built to address inefficiencies, inconsistent recommendations and failed follow-up, PowerScribe One benefits from the latest advances in AI such as natural language understanding, image characterization, speech recognition, intelligent exchange of structured data, and cloud technology. This enables radiologists to:

  • Extract structured data continuously while dictating
  • Apply structured data to aid in creation of accurate, clinically appropriate and consistent diagnostic reports
  • Share clinically relevant structured data between systems — including electronic health records (EHRs), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and others — enabling care teams to improve follow-up, monitoring and outcomes
  • Populate reports dynamically with content from integrated systems to minimize redundancy and reduce errors
  • Integrate AI image characterization directly into the reporting workflow via Nuance’s AI Marketplace
  • Make standardized reporting initiatives easier to launch, administer, promote and adopt
  • Harness the cloud to easily access and use evolving technology and innovation

PowerScribe One leverages a cloud-powered, continuously learning and context-aware language understanding platform to convert unstructured speech-to-text input into structured data. The platform also integrates access to AI algorithms within the radiologist’s normal workflow, giving radiologists powerful solutions to improve efficiency and throughput, increase diagnostic accuracy and specificity, and ensure consistent, evidence-based follow-up recommendations.


The integration of structured narrative data, workflow-embedded AI, clinical guidance, assisted diagnosis, quality-checking and report automation tools elevates the accuracy, completeness and value of radiology reporting.

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