Nuance Launches Voice Messaging in Vietnam

Nuance Communications has partnered with CT-IN to deliver an entirely new cloud-based voice messaging solution in Vietnam with Vinaphone, Vietnam's leading mobile network provider.

As a result of this partnership, Vinaphone's mobile subscriber base of more than 30 million people will have access to a voice messaging system with both recorded audio messages and their transcriptions. The launch also marks Nuance's first ever voicemail-to-text deployment in Asia.

"This is a new paradigm in voice messaging and communication for Vietnam and Southeast Asia, driven by an innovative vision shared by Vinaphone and CT-IN," said Dan Faulkner, senior vice president of Nuance Mobile, in a statement. "By combining our voicemail-to-text service with a cloud-based voice messaging platform, Vinaphone is able to offer a powerful messaging service designed specifically for the needs of the mobile consumer."

Vinaphone's voice offering to its subscribers will give callers the ability to leave a voice message when there is no answer to their call or if the called party is busy. Additionally, those subscribers will receive an SMS notification when a new voice message has arrived, containing a transcribed preview of every voice message. From there, the subscriber can retrieve the full voice message, or save it for later. Messages can be replied to or forwarded via SMS.

Nuance's recent third-party survey conducted by Research Now exploring the text and voice messaging habits of mobile smartphone users found that a majority of respondents valued the combination of text-based and voice-based messaging options as opposed to stand-alone offerings.

"Working with Nuance, we are able to bring Vinaphone and its subscribers voicemail-to-text for the first time in the country's history. We're able to deliver an innovative service that doesn't require a heavy infrastructure and transcends the antiquated voicemail systems that most people experience today," said To Hoai Van, vice president of CT-IN, in a statement.

"Visual voice messaging is more than just a value-added service for our subscriber base, it's an entirely new way for our consumers to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues. And there's incredible value to Vinaphone, allowing us to drive increased revenue over time through call completion, all without the costs incurred from a legacy voice messaging infrastructure, thanks to Nuance's innovative cloud services," said Cao Duy Hai, CEO of Vinaphone, in a statement.

Vinaphone's service is currently available as a weekly paid subscription.

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