OAISYS Releases New Talkument and Tracer Solutions

OAISYS, a provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, today announced the new version 6.3 release of its Talkument and Tracer products. Version 6.3, now available for early adopter field trials, delivers advances in scalable performance and feature functionality for enterprise and contact center customers.

Compatible with leading IP business communications systems, including those from Avaya, Mitel, ShoreTel, Toshiba and others, the Talkument and Tracer call recording solutions help companies improve customer service, reduce costs, increase revenue, and drive overall profitability.

“This latest release of our Talkument and Tracer solutions generates real, tangible cost savings that reduce total cost of ownership,” said Brian Spencer, president of OAISYS. “We continue to introduce new capabilities to our products while simultaneously driving down the overall cost of their deployment. This approach to product development enables us to provide best-in-class call recording and interaction management solutions at a highly affordable price.”

 Specific features delivered in version 6.3 of the OAISYS software solutions and other key areas of enhancement include: 

  • Expanded Scalability: The scalability of the OAISYS recording platform portfolio, which includes the turnkey OAISYS Recording Appliance and built-to-order OAISYS Recording Server systems, is expanded. Port capacities are now doubled across most platforms, allowing organizations to quickly react to fluctuating business demand without incurring additional datacenter costs.
  • Mitel Telephony Application Interface (MiTAI) SupportFor Mitel customers using the MiTAI Application Programming Interface (API), which enables sophisticated call- and PBX-control functionality, OAISYS can now support multiple MiTAI connections. This allows a reduction in the number of OAISYS recording platforms required to run in a multinode configuration, lowering overall cost of solution deployment.
  • Targeted Call Recording ArchivalThis new feature allows customizable staging and purging of call recordings based on identifying information such as account code, extension, caller ID, user-entered data. and more. For example, a business might be required to keep calls from certain customers for three years, but all other calls can be deleted after six months. Targeted archival improves the efficiency and accuracy of this process. 
  • Expanded Interaction Reporting and Evaluations:  Enhancements to Tracer’s quality reporting functionality include expanded options for creating, sharing, and exporting report data. Tracer’s employee performance evaluation interface now offers conveniently integrated call recording playback controls and improved flexibility for the creation and handling of evaluation criteria. 
  • Automatic Location Identification (ALI) IntegrationOf specific interest to the public safety market, this feature enables OAISYS integration with the ALI systems used by public safety dispatch centers to capture the phone number and geographical location of each call. This combination enables users to search for and retrieve recordings based on ALI-related data, which helps better support the incident-based recording scenarios that are commonplace for public safety agencies.
  • Virtualization:  In addition to the new features and options introduced in version 6.3, the flexibility and affordability of the Talkument and Tracer solutions is further supported by their certified ability to interoperate seamlessly within a virtual infrastructure. Both solutions have recently been tested against and met specific integration and interoperability standards set by the market’s dominant virtualization software vendor. Virtualization enables organizations to maximize their existing infrastructure resources and reduce datacenter costs, improve business continuity, and gain operational flexibility to meet changing business needs. 

“The combination of advancements in this release simplifies the voice documentation and quality assurance operations for organizations while simultaneously increasing network flexibility,” added Spencer. “Customers in specific market segments, such as financial services, public safety and retail, can now take advantage of a purpose-built solution that meets their unique requirements. This is and will continue to be a theme in our R&D investment: flexible, easy-to-use solutions to specific customer challenges.”

OAISYS is currently accepting a limited number of customers interested in participating in early-adopter field trials of the 6.3 release.

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