Onymos Adds Conversation to Onymos Fabric

Onymos has launched Conversation as the latest component in the Onymos Fabric, combining automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and understanding, and text-to-speech platforms into one programmatic interface.

With the Conversation Component, software teams can add a unified, cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) speech-based exchange with customers and users.

Onymos Conversation enables the following:

  • Context-aware voice assistance, allowing companies to combine a Conversation with geolocation and their own data to reveal simplified access to context-aware information to users;
  • Form and data input; and
  • Voice-enabled work flows.

"Conversation remains the most natural way people communicate and interact. That power comes from the enormous breadth, depth, and complexity of speech and language processing," said Shiva Nathan, founder, and CEO of Onymos, in a statement "When broken down by data scientists, there are at least 15 discrete computational algorithms. By abstracting the underlying technology engines, Onymos ensures its customers stay aligned with cutting-edge systems and can change providers with minimal disruption to their application."

Conversation is the 18th component in the Onymos Fabric, a suite of foundational objects used by enterprise development teams to jumpstart app development projects. It is currently in a limited beta release and is expected to be commercially available in the fourth quarter.

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