Opera Adds AI and Voice Capabilities in its Aria Browser

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Opera partnered with Google Cloud to integrate Gemini models, image generation, and text-to-speech capabilities into its Aria browser, powered by Opera's multi-large language model Composer AI engine.

Opera's Aria browser AI doesn't just use one provider or LLM. Its Composer AI engine processes the user's intent and can decide which model to use for which task. The newest AI features provide free image generation capabilities with the Imagen 2 model on Vertex AI. Opera's AI will be able to read out responses in a conversational-like fashion thanks to Google's text-to-audio model.

"Our companies have been cooperating for more than 20 years. We are excited to be announcing the deepening of this collaboration into the field of generative AI to further power our suite of browser AI services," said Per Wetterdal, executive vice president of partnerships at Opera, in a statement.

"We're happy to elevate our long-standing cooperation with Opera by powering its AI innovation within the browser space," said Eva Fors, managing director of Google Cloud's Nordic Region, in a statement. "We believe the future of AI will be open, so we're providing access to the best of Google's infrastructure, AI products, platforms and foundation models to empower organizations to chart their course with generative AI."

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