Orderscape and LevelUp Enable Voice Ordering for Restaurants

LevelUp and Orderscape, two restaurant technology firms, have partnered to bring voice-activated chatbots to restaurants across the United States to streamline mobile orders.

Through this partnership, customers will be able to access Orderscape's voice-activated chatbots on all Amazon Alexa devices, with other voice services and devices to be added soon. Orderscape plans to support additional conversational channels, such as Facebook Messenger and Slack, after its Alexa debut.

"As consumers become more tech-savvy, they become more sophisticated in how they wish to interact with their favorite restaurants," said Evan Korzon, vice president of strategic partnerships at LevelUp, in a statement. "Integrating voice-activated chatbots into the online ordering process is a natural next-step because of the billions of dollars being invested in developing digital assistants from Amazon, Google, and Apple."

"Voice ordering delivers an exciting, new, frictionless experience for consumers and a new revenue opportunity for restaurants," said Michael Atkinson, CEO of Orderscape, in a statement. "To interact with a voice commerce system, people speak naturally with the device. No apps need be downloaded or installed;people just find and enable our skills, talk, and order."

Orderscape's platform is designed to plug and play with existing online order systems and gateways.

"Our patent-pending, menu-agnostic conversational experience gives consumers a consistent ordering experience across brands and menus and helps us scale rapidly," said Ted Cohn, chief technology officer at Orderscape, in a statement.

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