PIKA Technologies Introduces X1, the Next Generation of HMP-X

PIKA Technologies is excited to announce the addition of GoLang/gRPC API to its host media processing (HMP) solutions. This introduces a new generation of HMP products, beginning with X1.

The introduction of GoLang and gRPC with protocol buffers improves scalability and adds powerful networking in addition to effective streaming capabilities. The new APIs will add fast and modern network APIs to mature, host-based C/C++ APIs. This provides support for other programming languages such as C# via protocol buffers, according to PIKA Technologies CTO, Wojciech Tryc.

Additionally, its modern security mechanism, based on JWT authentication will help with access control and will form a foundation for a multi-tenant model to be introduced in subsequent releases

The introduction of X1 marks the first phase of a multi-phase project expanding on PIKA’s host media processing capabilities. Planning for the second phase, X2 has already begun.

PIKA Technologies Inc. is an OEM of enabling technology for VARs and developers of communication applications. PIKA leverages expertise, technology and channels to serve the international communications market with highly featured SDKs, hardware connectivity to TDM, VoIP and Mobile networks, open source application development platforms, and end-user channel ready solutions.

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