Pelephone Launches Phonetic Systems' Speech Driven Personal Phonebook Service to Cellular Customers

/>BILLERICA , Mass. and TEL AVIV, Israel - Pelephone Communications Ltd has launched a new speech driven personal phonebook service to its customers. A new service, *1, allows Pelephone customers to be able to speak a desired name in their personal cellular phonebook in order to place a call. With *1, there is no need to record voice samples, as is necessary in previous versions of voice-activated dialing, which makes it much easier for users to take advantage of the feature.

Pelephone's new service provides speech-driven dialing of all the numbers stored in a user's cell phone memory. After the customer dials *1, the user speaks the party's name, and the system dials automatically. The new service helps to improve driver safety and eliminates manual memory retrieval, which can involve scrolling through listings or partially spelling out a name. In addition, users can add numbers to their speech-driven phonebook without limitation, and they can back-up all the numbers in their phonebook to the Pelephone Web site. In the future, Pelephone customers will be able to synchronize the *1 Speech-driven Personal Phonebook with the contact list they have stored in their Outlook program on their personal computers.


The new service is available to all Pelephone customers. Owners of Pelephone cellular phones that support Java technology can use their speech-driven phonebook after they have downloaded the application to their phone, and backed-up the stored numbers. Owners of cellular phone's that do not support this technology can install the service from the Pelephone Web site or via Customer Service, by dialing 1-800-050-050 or *160.


The service has been developed by Pelephone in cooperation with Phonetic Systems and Z-Mobile.

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