Personica Intelligence Launches Multimodal Interface Platform

MARLBOROUGH, MA and SAN JOSE, CA - Personica IntelligenceTM announced the introduction of the Personica Intelligence (PI) multimodal platform. The PI multimodal platform is a new interface technology that blends natural speech and visual interactions with applications awareness. The PI multimodal platform can potentially solve the "interface fatigue" problem for consumers, who are frustrated and overwhelmed by the various gadgets in their homes. "There are too many buttons to press and too many things for people to remember," said Yogendra Jain, Personica CEO. "When people want to make a call, turn on the lights, or get the weather forecast, they don't want to get up from whatever they are doing. They just want to say 'do this' and have the devices and services in their homes respond accordingly." The Personica Intelligence platform combines front-end processing capabilities to enable a multimodal interface for an imbedded device or service. This includes acoustical technologies such as background noise reduction and echo cancellation as well as biometric technologies such as natural language speech recognition, speaker identification and attention word spotting. "We've put together a reference design and multimodal toolkit that makes it easy for consumer electronics companies to imbed PI into their devices," said Jain. "We are already working with some of the leaders in the CE and home networking industries to imbed PI into products that will be launched next year. The message is - this is the right interface for the connected home. It solves a defined and pressing problem for consumers that is not going to go away without a fight. Personica Intelligence is the ammunition you need to win the battle."
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