Personica Intelligence Unveils Intelligent Assistant Platform

SAN JOSE, CA - Personica IntelligenceTM has introduced the Personica Intelligence (PI) platform. The PI platform is a toolkit that can be used by consumer electronics (CE) companies and broadband service providers to offer consumers unified, intuitive and instantaneous control of consumer electronics and Internet services from anywhere in their homes. PI combines natural interfaces, such as speech recognition and visual displays, with life-like intelligent personas to enable a variety of pervasive home applications for communications, infotainment and home automation. "Consumers are frustrated and overwhelmed by all the buttons they have to press and things they have to remember to get their gadgets working," said Yogendra Jain, Personica CEO. "Personica is bringing to market an innovative technology that solves this problem, simplifying life at home by controlling devices and information on-demand, from anywhere in the home, simply by using your voice or by viewing the information. Ever since Star Trek and The Jetsons, consumers have been waiting for this experience in their homes. It took 30 years for the technology to evolve to what PI offers today." The PI platform enables "personicasTM" that combine natural interfaces with life-like personas to control CE devices and access internet information. These personicas keep track of consumers' preferences and allows them to use their voices to do a variety of things. It provides the optimal mix of natural speech recognition, visual display and tactile input to allow the creation of a wide variety of different personicas.
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