PhoneTag Live Transcription for Conference Calls Available Now

Ditech Networks today announced the availability of PhoneTag Live transcription for conference calls, changing the way people can manage their time during conference calls.

PhoneTag lets conference call participants follow the call as a text stream, like an instant message (IM) session, making information content more usable and efficient. For example, capturing action items can be done immediately from within the transcription of a conference call, and searching through past calls for specific information becomes as easy as searching the Web.

PhoneTag Live is an example of the power of the open application programming interfaces (APIs) available from Ditech’s Lab program, which will make valuable voice services easily available to service providers and developers. PhoneTag Live leverages the full spectrum of PhoneTag APIs to deliver fast and accurate transcriptions. ZipDX, a next-generation provider of conferencing and collaboration services, is the first conference service provider to integrate and deliver PhoneTag Live to the market. ZipDX Scribble and ZipDX Scribe, which use fully-automated and human-assisted versions of PhoneTag Live, respectively, are launching at CES in Las Vegas this week.

“Transcription for conferencing is a boon to conference callers. Turning voice into actionable data dramatically improves the efficiency of businesses. As the first conferencing provider deploying Phone Tag Live from Ditech Networks, ZipDX is addressing a tremendous opportunity,” said David Frankel, founder and CEO of ZipDX, in a statement.

“ZipDX is a progressive conferencing provider, and we are excited about their launch of PhoneTag Live,” said Jamie Siminoff, chief strategy officer at Ditech Networks and driver of the Labs strategy. “Our technology assets, combined with customer input, allowed us to identify the need for real-time highly accurate conference call transcription and roll that out from concept to production in a matter of weeks.”

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