Plum Voice Portals Partners with Mindshare, Wallace Wireless, TeleTimecard, and Xionetic


Mindshare Technologies created CONNECT™, a surveying system that captures consumer feedback via a telephone survey, sorts and processes it, and then provides feedback via a Web-based reporting interface. The foundation of this system is the Plum VoiceXML platform.

Wallace Wireless

The Wallace Incident Communicator (WIC) is a suite of solutions designed to ensure business efficiency and continuity across the enterprise in times of emergency. When Wallace Wireless was developing WIC, they chose an IVR system for the Messenger and Commander components that would serve to alert staff and other user groups of official notifications. Wallace Wireless selected the Plum VoiceXML platform.


TeleTimecard, an application service provider, enables companies to monitor and record employee attendance via the Web. Via caller ID tracking, TeleTimecard creates documented evidence of employee time and attendance. Using a touchtone telephone (standard or mobile), employees are able to check in and out from a client's location, report special hours, mileage, expenses, or special activity codes. Companies also have the capability to broadcast special messages to employees when they call in.

The Plum VoiceXML platform serves as the foundation for this system.


Xionetic Technologies is a provider of location-based searching software. Through a partnership with Plum Voice Portals, the company developed Phone Locator, which is a self-service solution that enables customers to search for retailers by location, product, feature or any sort of business logic.

Xionetic selected Plum as the company's VoiceXML technology partner.


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