Plum Voice VoiceTrends Call Analytics Is Now PCI-Compliant

Plum Voice, an interactive voice response (IVR) systems provider, has launched an updated version of its VoiceTrends call analytics solution that now meets PCI-DSS standards to protect sensitive data.

The secure solution allows financial services and healthcare companies to leverage detailed call analytics. With VoiceTrends' new features, companies can select specific data points to keep, logging only the information necessary for improving their IVR, without storing any sensitive customer data.

VoiceTrends is designed specifically for voice applications. VoiceTrends logs and digests data to show exactly where an application is causing customer frustration, providing actionable data to guide system adjustments and reduce bottlenecks. VoiceTrends also enables users to set up reporting and analytics without large investments of time from the IT department.

"It's a complex balancing act that forces companies to make a tough choice between leveraging data that can help fine-tune the IVR and improve the customer experience, or turn off analytics to secure the data at the risk of alienating customers with a less-than-ideal IVR," said Matt Jones, chief technology officer at Plum Voice, in a statement. "With this new VoiceTrends solution, companies no longer have to make the choice. We're able to offer the best of both worlds: the ability to keep customers within the system and, subsequently, lower customer service costs, while still protecting sensitive data. VoiceTrends now allows organizations to handle sensitive data with ease, remain PCI-compliant, and follow HIPAA standards, all while still collecting the rich call analytics needed to optimize the customer experience."

The new, secure VoiceTrends is available now in the Plum DEV developers' toolkit.

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