PocketBook Showcases Five New Devices with SVOX TTS Technology

PocketBook International, the E-Ink-based multifunctional device manufacturer, has released a new series of e-readers, all equipped with SVOX text-to-speech technology.

The five new devices, which vary in functionality, size, and battery life, are designed to make e-books and texts easier to work with and more accessible to the end user.  The devices being launched are PocketBook Pro 602, 603, 902, 903 and IQ.

SVOX’s text-to-speech software will be pre-installed and embedded on all devices in English, French, German, and Russian.  Users will also be able to download up to 24 additional languages free of charge from the PocketBook Web site.

“By installing SVOX’s text-to-speech technology on our new devices, we are able to provide our users with an alternative way to enjoy texts on our e-book readers,” said Igor Popov, CEO of PocketBook.  “Whether users prefer to have their book read aloud, or whether they want to continue enjoying a text while taking part in other activities, SVOX’s natural-language speech output and the PocketBooks’ headphone connectors enable users to access their text in whichever way is most convenient for them.”

“SVOX is committed to providing end-users with high-quality speech solutions that help improve convenience, accessibility and productivity,” said Martin Reber, CEO of SVOX.  “We’re delighted to be working with PocketBook to allow their users to listen to texts in a natural voice, as though they are listening to a professional speaker on their e-readers.”

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