Premiere Global Services Upgrades Its Speech Technology Platform

ATLANTA - Premiere Global Services, Inc. (NYSE: PGI) upgraded its speech technology platform.  Included in the upgrade are new voice notifications capabilities like transfer-based pacing for call centers that allow customers to monitor calling programs and to control the rate of outbound calls and resulting transfers into a call center.  As part of the platform upgrade Premiere Global also introduced enhancements to its reporting and opt-out functions. 


The new voice notifications features include:


Call Pacing Enhancements: Customers can regulate the number of calls into their call center through two different methods:  outbound call pacing and inbound transfer pacing.  By combining control over both the rate of outbound calls placed and inbound calls transferred back to the call center, customers can fine tune their programs based on expected response rates and actual agent availability. Rates can be set for specific time frames and changed.


Reporting: Customers can monitor calling campaigns, providing visual charting of actual paces relative to pre-defined parameters.

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