Product Support Solutions Releases FlexxGate

Product Support Solutions released the FlexxGate Gateway, a TDM (traditional telephony) to Voice over IP (VoIP) Media Gateway.  An option for companies transitioning to next generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) infrastructure, the FlexxGateÔ Gateway provides integration options that take advantage of VoIP capabilities within existing TDM telephony environments.

The FlexxGate Media Gateway allows applications, codecs, and interoperable standards to be integrated into a Media Conversion suite providing customers with legacy telephony environments to integrate to NextGen IVR.

As a media gateway, FlexxGate is a standards-based Media Converter and Management software solution running on the open-source Linux operating system.  It provides a feature and compatibility set, and supports VoIP and interoperates with traditional telephony equipment using standards-based TDM telephony hardware.

 FlexxGate Platform Features:

  • Web-based configuration and management tool
  • Create and manage lines and trunks (both VoIP and PSTN)
  • VoIP flexibility for Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Web-based access to call detail records
  • Standards-based Linux Operating System
  • TDM & VoIP connectivity across a range of VoIP devices and services
  • Up to four TDM spans with up to 200 VoIP sessions
  • Multiple TDM telephony Call Transfer capabilities
  • DNIS and ANI transparency
  • Onboard, hardware-based Echo Cancellation 
  • High-availability option (requires additional hardware and software configuration)

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