Pronexus Launches VBVoice 10 with VisualConnect

Pronexus today released VBVoice 10 with VisualConnect, allowing VBVoice developers who build audio interactive voice response (IVR) call flows using the drag-and-drop rapid application toolkit VBVoice to enable a dual track call flow for both audio and data inputs.

Now Pronexus customers can launch smartphone visual IVR applications by configuring channels to process either voice or data sessions. End users can either hear the prompts: "Press one for your account information," or see the prompt on their screens: "Press HERE for Account Information."

End users will now access self-service menus using their voice or by touching the screen of their smartphones or tablets, or even clicking through menus in a browser that supports HTML5. The visual output runs on HTML5 browsers, making it device-agnostic. The VBVoice Visual IVR output runs on a wide selection of devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones.

"The best part about our new patent-pending product is that our architects have done all the heavy lifting," said Gary Hannah, CEO of Pronexus, in a statement. "Our customers told us, if we could create a dual-mode output with just the click of a button, the IVR would solve their end users' requirements for multichannel customer service, so we built it the way they asked."

VisualConnect is backwards-compatible, so developers can enable VisualConnect on their existing VBVoice IVR applications.

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