Pronexus VeoDesign Receives Application Certification from Microsoft

Pronexus' VeoDesign, a development and testing suite for Microsoft Speech Server 2004, has been certified for use on Speech Server. 

The VeoDesign development and testing platform is designed to give developers a head start on their speech recognition projects by incorporating the following elements:

  • 4-port Microsoft Speech Server License for Development and Testing - enables developers to create and test applications using the telephony cards that work with the Microsoft Speech Server.
  • VBSALT (www.pronexus.com/products/vbsalt/index.html), a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for Microsoft Speech Server - It is a speech development tool inside Visual Studio .NET 2003 that blends both a graphical user interface for call flow design and programming.  This, together with its encapsulated practices for voice user interface (VUI) design, accelerates the creation of speech-enabled IVRs and other voice automation solutions powered by Microsoft Speech Server 2004.
  • Sample Applications and Source Code - VeoDesign provides an range of sample applications upon which developers can base their own solution: instead of developing an application from the ground up, developers can modify the existing VeoDesign samples. 
  • Step-by-step tutorials help developers get started with VBSALT

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