Pronexus and Mobilio to Share Data Between Field Personnel and Office Using a Cell Phone

Pronexus and Mobilio, a provider of Web-based service management and wireless solutions, signed a letter of intent  that lays out the framework for the companies to enhance and extend Mobilio's existing wireless field service software, MobilioLINK, with voice capabilities via the Pronexus veoMobile platform.

MobilioLINK Web-based and wireless field service management solution is a service management solution that connects a mobile and/or remote workforce with the office for sharing of information. Field service personnel and the office can now communicate mission critical information and data in via any wireless device.  MobilioLINK eliminates the need for manual and paper-based systems for processing information such as work orders. MobilioLINK also transfers information electronically to the organization's existing back-office accounting or scheduling system.

Pronexus veoMobile provides a voice interface to enterprise applications such as MobilioLINK for data capture and retrieval over voice networks. Organizations using MobilioLINK can deploy the solution enhanced with Pronexus veoMobile speech technology using their existing cell phones.  Field service personnel will be able to access and update work-related information, such as work orders, by placing a telephone call. Pronexus veoMobile is built on the Microsoft Speech Server and integrates with existing IT infrastructure for a mobile solution.

By voice-enabling MobilioLINK with Pronexus veoMobile:

  • Field service technicians can now update their work orders in using their existing cell phones
  • Dispatchers can obtain scheduling and status updates of their mobile technicians through the MobilioLINK voice-enabled system. Dispatchers will have a view of field service activity to provide information, such as expected arrival time to customers

This agreement not only provides the companies with a frame work with which to integrate Pronexus veoMobile solution with Mobilio's MobilioLINK, but it also details how the companies will conduct product demonstrations and market trials to validate customer acceptance, and to obtain technical and commercial feedback. Following market trials initiated mid Q4, it is expected that Mobilio will enter into a Value-Added Reseller agreement with Pronexus, allowing Mobilio to resell the Pronexus veoMobile solution.

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