RHL Selects NICE Perform

Contact center and business process outsourcer, RHL selected NICE Systems' NICE Perform, through channel partner Sinclair Voicenet, to expand its existing NICE environment with interaction analytics capabilities at its contact centers across the UK. 

RHL is a UK provider of contact center, technology and consultancy services, employing 2,500 agents across six sites. RHL supports live and automated customer interactions across the customer lifecycle. 

RHL and its clients will benefit from NICE Perform's multi-dimensional Interaction Analytics, including key word and phrase spotting, emotion detection, and post-call customer surveys. NICE Perform's interaction analytics will provide RHL with insights into customer and market dynamics, as well as a view of its contact center business. RHL will use NICE Perform's Agent Coaching solution, which will provide supervisors with tools for providing feedback on agents' skills and compliance with procedures.  

"We are excited about implementing the advanced capabilities of NICE Perform," said David Wallace, chief executive at RHL. "We believe that with the advanced capabilities of NICE Perform we will further differentiate our company and strengthen our competitive positioning in the contact center and business process outsourcing markets.  NICE Perform is key to achieving this goal and to retaining and wining business."

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