RedOwl Partners with Verint

RedOwl, a provider of human risk analytics, is partnering with Verint Systems for a technology integration that will enable organizations to closely monitor the thousands of daily phone calls that occur on the trading floor. Additionally, RedOwl clients can include voice recordings with the other types of data its platform monitors, as well as access multilingual transcriptions of the calls with automatic caller separation to support global client operations.

The RedOwl platform combines key communications sources, such as email content, chat, and now voice, with structured data, including trades, physical access logs, human resources records, news feeds and print logs. The insight into these numerous data sources enables companies to spot insider trading, market manipulation, conduct risk, and other critical issues.

Verint call recording software captures conversations between customers and employees, along with the corresponding activities that take place on employee desktops. This includes data entry, screen navigation and post-call wrap up. When capabilities from Verint speech analytics are added, organizations can search for keywords, anomalies and outliers, and benefit from automatic theme discovery.

"RedOwl helps provide a new level of insight and perspective into trading floor activities, especially through our advanced call recording and speech analytics solutions," said John Bourne, senior vice president of global channels and alliances at Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions, in a statement. "Our ability to transcribe all of the logs into the RedOwl analytics platform is unique in providing organizations with the insights they need to rapidly detect and respond to out-of-compliance activities."

"Our partnership with Verint allows RedOwl to provide a comprehensive regulatory surveillance solution," said Brian White, chief operating officer at RedOwl, in a statement. "The landscape for compliance and risk professionals has become increasingly complex, and the RedOwl and Verint partnership enables an unmatched capability to analyze voice alongside email, chat, trades. and market data in a single platform."

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