Right Seat Software Introduces Vox Proxy Version 2

GOLDEN, CO - Right Seat Software Inc. introduced Vox Proxy Version 2, an enhanced version of its Vox Proxy, 3D talking animated character software. Vox Proxy is an authoring software tool for Windows platforms that brings PowerPoint presentations to life with personable characters. "Today, individuals and companies around the world use Vox Proxy. Now, with the AT&T Natural Voices™ speech engine, they have access to new character voices with unmatched quality," stated Tom Atkins, president of Right Seat Software, Inc., producer of Vox Proxy. "The sound quality of Natural Voices speech technology opens the door for innovative applications like Vox Proxy to give its customers the most realistic, human-sounding synthetic speech available," Atkins said. Version 2's advanced feature and productivity upgrades deliver tools to users so they can develop captivating and professional presentations. For example, users will find new features to increase script-writing productivity; for multimedia, training and data exchange; to support AT&T Natural Voices; to enhance CD Prep and the Vox Proxy Player, as well as many new script commands. SUMMARY OF NEW FEATURES FOR VOX PROXY VERSION 2
Enhanced Text to Speech Engines: Available as an add-on to Vox Proxy, the AT&T Natural Voices TTS is a text-to-speech engine available for both male and female voices. Available in four U.S. English voices, 2 British English, 1 Indian-accent English, 1 French, and 2 each in Spanish and German. More Interactive Characters: Vox Proxy Version 2 delivers 10 new characters, bringing the total number of characters included in the software to 27. Users can purchase additional characters from Right Seat Software and access hundreds more from the Web. Free Player Software: The free Vox Proxy Player is enhanced to automatically start PowerPoint and play a slide show when the presentation file is opened. This allows users to click on a link in an email or Web page to play the presentation without manually having to open the Player software and start the slide show, which was the case in Version 1. Productivity Additions: New additions include the Power Scripting Menu, a context-sensitive script-writing helper, that provides right-click access to all script-writing functions; new diagnostic tools to make it easier to debug scripts; and a find-and-replace function that operates across multiple slide scripts, and more. Multimedia, Training & Software Features: Among many new features are: the ability to display Microsoft Excel and Word documents, and Macromedia Flash files; random selection of character animations, especially useful in self-narrated slide shows; support for dual monitors; the ability to set default properties for each character; new variables; and multiple new script commands. CD Prep Enhancements: This optional add-on allows users to burn their own auto-starting CD's to play Vox Proxy presentations on nearly any Windows PC. Version 2 enhancements include new diagnostics and greater flexibility in display options for the CD.
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