Roxy Teams Up with Sensory to Pair its Speech-Enabled In-Room Concierge System with Branded Wake Words for Hotels

Roxy, the speech-enabled device that provides full customizable in-room concierge services has announced a partnership with Sensory, the leading provider of wake word technology for voice devices. This partnership will allow Roxy’s voice assistant to offer custom wake words for hotels powered by Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree technology. Now properties will be able to totally customize Roxy’s virtual assistant to respond to any wake word they choose, such as “Hey Hilton” or “OK Marriott.”

With this partnership Roxy will be able to utilize today’s wake word technology in their voice assistant, which ensures that the speech-enabled device wakes up when requested. More importantly, however, this means that Roxy’s voice assistant will not wake up when it’s not requested. Recently a couple in Portland, Oregon made the news when their in-home Alexa device woke up and began streaming their private conversation to a one of their contacts. Thanks to Sensory’s advanced cloud-free wake word detection and Roxy’s structural foundation as a privacy-oriented device, it is impossible for this kind of privacy violation to happen with Roxy.

For hotels that want to ensure a consistent brand message, having a custom wake word grants a significant advantage; hotels can now closely tailor their voice assistant experience to the property’s overall brand and voice. The combination of Sensory’s and Roxy’s technologies also ensures that guests are able to easily access the information and services they need while maintaining the privacy they expect in a hotel room. These factors combine to create an uncompromising voice assistant experience ideal for the hotel room.

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