SAIC Launches Hybrid Machine Translation Solution

Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) today released a hybrid machine translation (HMT) solution for cross-lingual communications.

SAIC's new offering puts advanced technology—with the ability to translate in context—directly into the hands of users.

SAIC's linguistics technology offering includes the first and only true HMT technology, combining the fluency of statistical MT with the informativeness of rule-based MT to enhance fidelity of meaning. The offering is fully integrated on one platform with automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, both speech-to-speech and speech-to-text.

The offering can be tailored to each customer's domain, including highly nuanced terminology and domain-specific vocabulary. The technology is adaptive and continues to build a language knowledge base to increase communication accuracy over time.

"The powerful technology platform goes beyond a literal word-for-word translation: it actually becomes more intelligent with usage, enabling effective communications by delivering content within context," said Hassan Sawaf, SAIC chief scientist for linguistics and cultural intelligence.

"We believe that our new technology offering will redefine the language services industry by offering a robust technology tool that gives businesses more control, while allowing the providers to work more efficiently," said Jonathan Litchman, SAIC vice president. "It's a win for global enterprises, language service providers and professional linguists and translators."

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